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Tiñana, 12. Siero 33199
Asturias (España)
Phone: +34 985 985 155
E-mail: lagar@sidrafanjul.com

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Our beginnings as cider producers can be found in the village of Tiñana in the 20th century, set in the heart of Asturias, where "Santiago´s Way" passes through old Roman settlements and Celtic hamlets. Since that time we have been accumulating knowledge and experience passed on through the generations. You can gain an idea of the hard labour and difficult conditions endured in these times by visiting our exhibition where many antique objects and utensils of immense interest are on display.

Apple selection and production

Quality of any product depends on its basic ingredient. In our case the selection of a variety of Asturian apples ,like Raxao,Verdialona,Solarina or Tresali,which lend such high quality to our cider, has taken up much of our time over the years. Searching for the best area for orchards , the optimum time for picking, the best land conditions and cultivation techniques. The climate of the region completes the series of conditions necessary to obtain the optimum results.

As soon as we receive the apples they are washed and carefully selected.Then,through a completely automated process, they are crushed according to their texture and ripeness, the resulting "Magaya" (pulp) is then conveyed to the pneumatic presses where the first "Mosto flor" (apple juice) is wrung out and collected. Extraction is then completed.


Fachada de Sidra Fanjul

The apple juice is refrigerated and passed through to the barrels where it ferments for a controlled amount of time, approximately six weeks. Later other necessary processes are carried out in order to blend the ciders, derived from the different types of cider apples with their unique flavours and aromas. The final market destination of the cider is always taken into account at this time.. The process is completed with a period of time for the cider to settle and mature until it is ready to be bottled.


Depending on the special character of each cider, it will finally be bottled according to the end product: traditional Asturian cider, ecologically friendly cider, sweet cider liquor, apple vinegars or the unique “Ribanora”.

A significant list of awards testify to the high quality of these products in which we invest maximum time, effort and illusion in the hope of fulfilling to the highest standard, our customers expectations

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