Cider manufacture in the heart of Asturias

Tiñana, 12. Siero 33199
Asturias (España)
Phone: +34 985 985 155

Sidra Fanjul, cider natural

The Celtic people regarded the apple tree as the tree of love and the apple itself as the fruit of luck… Cider would probably be esteemed as the blood of Asturias.

For nearly a decade we have being producing natural cider in the heart of Asturias, following traditional methods while always taking full advantage of new technology . We invite you to find out more about us on this website where we’ll show you the best of ourselves, our cider, our cider evenings... our home.

Carlos Glez. Ballesteros

Fanjul Cider Fanjul Cider

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Enjoy a traditional Asturian party in the company of your friends with the best natural cider


We were honoured to receive the ¨Fundacion de la Sidra¨award in 2004 and have been distinguished with awards for the producers of the best Asturian cider on many occasions.

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